Digital photography, digital cameras and pictures.

Digital photography, pictures and digital cameras

Advantages of digital photography with digital cameras

Digital technology is finding a place in almost everyone's lives. From digital music to digital movies we are constantly exposed to images and sound that have passed from the traditional analog domain into the new digital formats. Digital photography is one of those formats and is becoming more popular every year.

There are lots of reasons for that popularity. Digital photographs are incredibly versatile. You can send them to friends and family by email, post them on a web site, transfer them to CD, store them on your computer, and use them for slide shows which can be viewed on your TV or computer monitor. They can of course be printed, and not just as traditional 4x6 pictures. They can be used to make personalized calendars, greeting cards, and even be printed on objects like coffee mugs and t-shirts.

For many people, the biggest advantage of digital photography is that it eliminates the need for picture processing. No more trips to the photo store – pictures can be viewed almost instantly on the display screen of the camera. Since there is no developing, digital photography doesn't need dangerous chemicals that could end up in our water supplies.

Another big advantage of digital photos is the ease with which they can be edited. Computer software allows digital images to be altered in any way imaginable. They can be cropped, the colours can be changed or enhanced, the contrast can be adjusted, imperfections can be removed, and images can be combined to create startling new designs. All this can be accomplished in a few seconds with just a few key strokes or mouse clicks.

Using a digital camera is the best way to take advantage of all the features of digital photography, but you can also use a traditional film camera and convert your negatives to the digital domain. If you are uncertain about whether or not to take the digital plunge, converting negatives allows you to get a taste of the wonders of digital photography without investing in new equipment. Most photo developing stores offer this service.

Digital cameras, however, offer so much more than film cameras. They have a viewing screen which functions as both a view finder and a picture viewer. This means you can preview pictures you've taken just seconds before. If you don't like it just delete it, or if there is a section that is good, crop it before saving it back to the camera's memory. Many digital cameras also function as simple video recorders that can capture video along with sound - anywhere, anytime.

All this must come at a hefty price tag, though - right? Wrong! Digital photography is becoming more affordable every year, and the technology to make fabulous photos is well within the reach of the average consumer. Add in the money you'll save in development costs and you have an affordable, practical, solution for all your photography needs.

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