Digital photography, digital cameras and pictures.

Comparison of best digital cameras

An unbias comparison of the best digital cameras is only possible with

  • A list of basic properties of each digital camera
  • In depth reviews of the performance of the camera concerning
  • the mechanical qualities,
  • the optical qualities
  • the digital qualities /performance
  • The picture capturing chip's qualities
  • The speed performance of the camera
  • The ergonomics of the camera - how is it to handle
  • The camera in the field - filed tests
  • An estimation of the price/value of the camera
  • A summary of the compromises always a part of reality of any camera
  • A conclusion

A rating of the digital camera can be used to summarize these qualities of the in depth review of the digital camera but it is only meaningfull when we compare cameras with some similarities, e.g. no of mega pixels, or zoom coverage of the lens, or the price or a batch of 'new digital cameras'.

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